October 19th 2023, 02.00 p.m.


Successful with mullion-transom-facades

Efficient construction from the first click with Klaes 3D


Designing, presenting, calculating and manufacturing - especially with complex construction elements such as aluminium facades, this can become a time-consuming and cost-intensive task. Not with Klaes 3D! Dino Travljanin will explain to you in our free web presentation on 19th October 2023 at 02.00 p.m. which extensive possibilities Klaes 3D offers and how you can save precious time right from the first click.

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Facade construction with Klaes 3D

You know the situation - a customer orders a facade element from you. The construction is extremely complicated, the presentation and the calculation take up a lot of time.

Not with Klaes 3D! Because with Klaes 3D the construction of facades becomes child's play even without CAD knowledge. With just a few clicks, even complex building elements are recorded in a short time and the complete project is calculated and costed from A to Z fully automatically. Even subsequent changes are recalculated fully automatically at the touch of a button. And that for all common types of material.

In addition, with Klaes 3D your customers can access an open master data package that theoretically allows you to adapt and add master data.

In this event you will learn ...

• What makes Klaes 3D particularly powerful
• How fast and easy the construction works
• How detailed and helpful the 3D visualizations are
• How flexible the Klaes 3D data system is
• How Klaes 3D automates a wide range of processes
• How Klaes 3D ensures considerable time savings
• How to present your constructions with Augmented Reality
• How certain details can be checked using the transparency view
• How to switch quickly and easily between profile systems and connectors

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Dino Travljanin - Klaes | Technical Sales Klaes 3D

He is part of the Klaes team for over 10 years and knows Klaes 3D and its capabilities at its best. Due to the regular exchange with the users, he knows very well about the requirements in practice and how Klaes 3D can be optimally used for the processes in modern manufacturing.

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The registration for this web-presentation was possible until October 18th, 12.00 a.m. and therefore is closed now.
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