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Klaes CAM 2D

Control Your CNC-Machine Directly from the Klaes Window Construction Program

Klaes CAM is the perfect solution for you to produce constructions from the Klaes window program fast and optimally with your CNC-machine. All you need are three components: machine, tool and software. Through the development of Klaes CAM, the processes are enormously simplified by omitting the coordination between the supplier of the window construction software and the one of the CNC-control.

All edits you have made can already be viewed on the screen in the original 3D view. The edits from the Klaes window construction program are optimally prepared for production in Klaes CAM. With Klaes CAM almost all CNC machines can be controlled independently of the clamp system.

Over 20 Years of Know-How

Klaes CAM creates the CNC programs on the basis of manually changeable presets. For each processing type, settings can be made for the aggregate, the tool used, the arrival- and departure conditions and many other work-specific parameters.

Klaes CAM is the perfect solution to achieve an equally high data quality on the machine with the high data quality of t he Klaes window construction program. In this solution there are more than 20 years of know-how – let us convince you!

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