06th July 2022, 11.00 - 12.00 a.m.


Digital workflows for slide and turn systems

Next level production with Klaes 3D and Klaes e-prod - fully digital and efficient


In this free web-presentation you will learn how to digitize your entire production – and thus save a lot of time. With Sunflex we have a partner with us in this event who relies on Klaes 3D for the construction of its slide and turn systems made of aluminium and who uses Klaes e-prod to organize the entire production of these complex elements fully digital. Dino Travljanin (Klaes) and Christian Heber (Sunflex) will show you what the digital workflow looks like and how you can also digitize your production.

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Klaes 3D and Klaes e-prod - a strong connection

The construction of complex elements like slide and turn systemens of aluminium are no challenge for Klaes 3D - also constructions like facades and conservatories, no matter of what kind of material, are created in no time. And now imagine how fast your whole workflow can be, if all production steps are linked intelligently and fully digital. You whole production will become as efficient as it can be. The connection of all single worksteps in the production with Klaes e-prod makes it possible. We will show you how this digital workflow looks in real life - because our customer Sunflex already uses Klaes 3D and Klaes e-prod successfully for the digitization of its whole production.

In this event you will learn ...

• What makes Klaes 3D so powerful
• How fast and easy the construction works
• How detailed and helpful the 3D visualizations are
• How flexible the Klaes 3D data system is
• How Klaes 3D automates a wide range of processes
• Which connections are possible in the construction
• What Klaes e-prod is capable of
• How to organize the production fully digital
• How a fully digital workflow saves a lot of time
• How powerful intelligent connected solutions are

We look forward to meeting you!

Dino Travljanin - Klaes | Technical Sales Klaes 3D

He is part of the Klaes team for over 10 years and knows Klaes 3D and its capabilities at its best. Due to the regular exchange with the users, he knows very well about the requirements in practice and how Klaes 3D can be optimally used for the processes in modern manufacturing.

training support web presentation klaes 3d host dino travljanin

Christian Heber - Sunflex | IT Management

As former Klaes colleague he has already gained many years of experience with the Klaes software solutions, which he now uses at Sunflex for the process optimization. In this web-presentation he talks about his experiences with Klaes 3D and Klaes e-prod in daily use.

training support web presentation klaes 3d host christian heber

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The registration for this web-presentation was possible until 5th july and therefore is closed now.
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